• Tai Chi public exhibition in Liestal

  • Mondfest Basel

  • Official Spring Festival Gala, Rolex Learning Center, Lausanne

  • Inauguration of Tai Chi Akademie Schweiz-China

Welcome to Tai Chi Akademie Schweiz-China

TAI CHI is an ancient form of art in China. Based on the Yin / Yang theory of Taoist philosophy and the traditional Chinese medicine, as well as the Martial Arts, Tai Chi is acknowledged to be a natural, gentle and balanced movement to keep people in good health both mentally and physically. Moreover, Tai Chi can also be considered as a movement meditation making a physical body soften and flexible, calming one's mind and soul, in order to acquire the self- healing ability. According to the 《Verses on Tai Chi 13 postures》, Tai Chi aims to extend one's life to reach the longevity. Therefore, keeping good health and self-healing are the functions of the art of Tai Chi.

Starting from now, several Tai Chi training courses are organized by Mr. Wang Zhaozong in Basel. The objectives are the following: promoting Tai Chi culture and philosophy, practicing its methods and proposing a natural and flexible life-style in the way of Tai Chi. Hopefully, more and more people will get opportunities to practice Tai Chi to maintain good health, together with mental and physical peace.

Most of us, busy people in this modern society, tend to abuse our bodies unconsciously. We often over-stress our bodies and move the body in incorrect manners. Consequently, we experience common problems such as tight muscles and bones, and sore joints.

It is important for us to retrain our body to relax, refresh, and to stretch in a systemic way! The internal and external peace comes from a relaxing body.

How can we regain the sense of youth? By constantly practicing Tai Chi, one will transform a rusty body state into a youthful system again.